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    Disney Classics Apps - Read along, interact, and explore as Bambi and his furry friends grow up and learn about life in the forest. Features include: · Classic Disney illustrations and charming animation throughout. · Professional narration, soaring music, and delightful sound effects. · An Interactive Coloring Book, Matching Game, and Musical Activity.
  • Book Universal
    **For a limited time, Disney Classics Apps on Sale for just $1.99!*** Read Along, Play Games and Explore! A Swashbuckling Interactive Story! Enjoy Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Matching Games and more in this hands-on App! To Neverland! Readers will join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the whole gang on a swashbuckling and magical adventure. 
  • Education iPad
    Take the TV show viewing experience to the next level with the first in the appisode series, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “Road Rally”. The appisode brings viewing and learning together in one interactive and cohesive experience! Touch, shake, swipe, drag and talk your way through an entire episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse right on your iPad. Participate directly in the storyline by completing various activities to help Mickey and friends cross the finish line! There's laughter and fast-paced learning fun around every corner in Mickey's Road Rally!

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